Flip Tile puzzles

Fliptile: inspired by the Maze of Rah but without its fancy animation.

The original offering of fliptile was as a Java Applet but modern browsers have all but outlawed such Applets. So here is a Java Script rendering. Most of the puzles presented here were designed by Andrea

Aim: Get the coloured triangular tiles into a pocket of corresponding colour.

The man (represented by a green circle with a blue pointer) can be moved by clicking on a point in the direction of desired travel.

Be aware that the regions bordered by a black line are hinged, allowing them to rotate about an axis at right angles to the direction of travel when the man steps off them. The path drawn on the reverse side can be seen as a dashed line. Alternatively, a view of the underside, can be selected by pressing the 'Reverse View' button. This shows a view of the puzzle after flipping it over about a horizontal axis (so top and bottom get exchanged). This action may reveal hidden objects.

Shortcuts:The following keyboard actions are defined: