Lab Mouse

This puzzle was devised by Oskar van Deventer. It comprises three cages, each occupied by its own mouse.

Each cage has four rooms, arranged in a square. The rooms are linked by doors which the mouse can push open so as to allow it to travel round the square in a clockwise direction. The rooms are numbered 1 to 4, but the numbering arrangement is different in each cage.

You have control of a light above each room. The light above room 1 is turned on by pressing key "1" on your keyboard. Similarly keys "2", "3" and "4" control the lights above rooms 2, 3 and 4 respectively. Use the numbered keys above the letters on the keyboard, not the number pad. If your key-strokes are ignored, ensure the applet is selected by clicking inside the applet area.

The mice shy away from the light, so if you light up an occupied room, its mouse will run to the next room. One room (bottom right) of each cage has a rounded wall. The object of the game is to drive each mouse to the rounded room of its cage, such that they all occupy this position at the same time. You can reset the puzzle to its initial position by pressing the 'r' key.

Oskar supplied all the images for this puzzle. There is a very professional looking 3D maze whose images occupy a little over 2 MB or a more utilitarian 2D set of images which fits into 36 KB. Unless you have a broadband connection, I suggest you go for the 2D variant (and even if you do have broadband, you may prefer this quick-load option).

Make you choice: Quick-load or Full 3D