This applet was inspired by the Maze of Rah

Get the triangles into the receptacles of matching colour.
Beware: when you step off a piece with a solid border round it, the piece is flipped over - and usually, they're not the same on the flipside. If you step off the left or right edge, left and right edges get swapped, top and bottom stay put. If you step off top or bottom, then top and bottom get swapped while left and right stay put.
You can view the flip side using the Page Up or Page Down key. The view you get is one in which the top and bottom edges of the puzzle have been flipped.
Navigate with the cursor keys. Press the space bar to restart.

Come again, more puzzles are added from time to time

Applet copyright (c) Graham Rogers, 2001
Puzzles copyright (c) Andrea Gilbert, 2001