Some games at various stages of development:

  • boxes [Java applet, sokoban variant]
  • 3-D lattice puzzle [Java applet]
  • planks puzzle [Java applet]
  • mazes [Java applet]
  • HexaRoll [Java applet]
  • flip tile [Java applet]
  • magnetic blocks [Java applet]
  • cups and peas [same Java applet as magnetic blocks different puzzle style]
  • Oskar's Harbour Puzzle [Java applet]
  • Oskar's Upside Down Puzzle [Java applet]
  • Oskar's Lab Mouse Puzzle [Java applet]
  • Gomoku (5-in-a-row) [Java applet]
  • All these games are Java applets. Flip tile was inspired by Maze of Rah, the other applets tend to be animations of puzzles by Andrea and her helpful feedback on the others has been a great encouragement. More feedback welcome.

    Other games oriented links:
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